"Live for something rather than die for nothing" - George Patton

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A documentary creating community, unity, support, strength, purpose, veteran events

Devoted to a Soldier Documentary

How the documentary got started

The Host and creator of "Devoted to a Soldier" is a Marine Mom, Coach Dani Rocco. From watching her own son's struggles, it became her purpose to bring value, community and support in to the lives of the transitioning.

Mission of Devoted to a Soldier

 "Devoted to a Soldier" is a NON PROFIT documentary fueled to foster community through empowerment of the veteran voice. During "Join Our Table" veteran events we nurture military communal leadership, veteran resources which leads other's through transition from active duty to veteran life.

Impact of Devoted to a Soldier

From the creation of each of our valor-honoring events, meaningful related bonds come of the host sharing of grit and combat reality. Facilitating Heroes leading Heroes.


The mission of the VFW is serve our veterans, the military and the community. To advocate on behalf of all veterans. Devoted to a Soldier is dedicated to bringing value, resources and breaking the generational gap between the younger & older veterans.  Bringing awareness and collaborating with the VFW & other veteran/military groups all under one proven roof, the VFW is how we believe change, life, hope and family will foster and grow.

How the documentary became an event

 While collaborating with Joyce Inderkum creating a resource panel for veterans and care providers, Coach Dani quickly realized the  need to expand and the value of Devoted to a Soldier.  Medical and corrective bodywork blended with the practical knowledge self care became a hallmark of the Join Our Table Movement.  Joyce Inderkum is a licensed Athletic Bodyworker who's back round includes professional and collegiate teams, Elite Triathletes, post surgical patients and the Wounded Warrior Games.  Her history with convention and education planning fosters our resource panels and presentations for veterans, care givers, family members and other medical 

Why a Potluck, Resource Panel & Physio-Lymphatic Therapist?


Why a Potluck?

Dani comes from a big Italian family where family dinners have become an important bounding staple in her life. When we put love and care into something that is meaningful it fills the hearts of those that consume it.  Don’t worry about what you bring, your favorite dish is perfect. If you can’t bring anything don’t worry.

Why a Resource Panel?

There are so many non-profits, resources, tips and communities out there. It can be overwhelming and sometimes we don’t even know where to start. Each community we visit have different challenges. Our panel brings light to what resources are available and allows the community to ask questions and be interactive with professional in the area. Knowledge is key. Not one person or group will create change but collaborating and educating as a unite is great start.

Why Physio-Lymphatic Bodywork?

Living in pain makes everything more difficult, it can be consuming and frustrating at times. Joyce is quick to assess issues of concern and educate while administering correction. During your time with Joyce at Devoted to a Soldier you will have a better understanding of why and where the pain is coming from. She will educate you as she works on you. You will have relief along with tips & tools to use at home. 

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