"Live for something rather than die for nothing" - George Patton

Devoted to a Soldier Team


Dani Rocco


Dani Rocco is a mother, wife & lifelong entrepreneur. Growing up as a professional ballerina developed her commitment and dedication to everything that life has to offer. As an adult her athletic skills transferred and assisted in her becoming a successful business owner. At the age of 18 she started working for her family's gymnastics school and took the company from bankruptcy to financial abundance. The school maxed out its student capacity very quickly. After 23 years of being the CEO Dani left her family business to follow her passion, as a life coach & relationship expert. She started working with CEO's but soon realized her heart and mission was serving our Military and Veterans. She is now author of 2 books "Own Your Own Dreams" & "Devoted to a Soldier, online Academy “Next Level of You”, tv show host, documentary host “Devoted to a Soldier”, partner in Join Our Table Movement,  speaker and Life Insurance Agent specializing in Veterans, Military families & First Responders  www.danirocco.com


Joyce Inderkum

Brings years of athletic therapy and conference planning to Devoted to a Soldier. Founder of  #JoinOurTableMovement Joyce saw an opportunity to expand the documentary interview collection into resource-filled days for Veterans, their families, responsive communities and awaken appreciation for the VFW. A vast Skill set including work with professional athletes, elite triathletes, medical and post surgical care, university athletic departments and the Department of Defense Warrior Games. Joyce is quick to assess issues of concern and educate while administering correction. Thanks  to her numerous product sponsors, Joyce shares professionally extensive care and training. Her hashtag #ThatWeMayMove focuses on the education piece as much as  the care piece. Since wellness accounts for all aspects of an individual and their support system. Inderkum is currently employed by the University of Central Florida Athletic Department along with service to her private clients and various elite sporting events across Florida. Learn more about her work by visiting https:squareup.com/store/Joyce-Inderkum-LMT


What to Expect During Devoted Event

Resource Panel


Engaging, interactive panel featuring professionals devoted to care for the Veteran community. Ask your questions, as a professional or patient, or loved one to the folks working with heroes each & everyday. Learn & Network - walk away with new resources & Friends. 

Special offers and resources for all attendees



Private 1:1 interviews for Devoted to a Soldier documentary. This is your time to tell the ones coming after you what you were never told, no holding back . The camera is yours. (your interview will be scheduled after you register for event) 

Complementary Physio-Lymphatic Therapy   & training / techniques for you to use at home with a DoD Warrior Games therapist

Potluck at the local VFW


A night filled with LIVE music, food, drinks, laughs and AMAZING people. Our Table is Your table. Potluck style family dinner with Live streaming from Veteran hosted Syndicated podcast .  Fill your cup with Devoted to a Solider official coffee The Canteen Cup  https://www.thecanteencup.com 

Enjoy goodies from E.O.D. fudge  https://eodfudge.com/ 

This is a party to celebrate life and all that it has to offer.  

**Each Event is a bit different and ranges in days, venues, resources and attractions**

Did you Know?

- Dr. Josh Cotton

"51.4% of veterans polled are reported to experience "much" or "very much" difficulty when transitioning from active military to civilian life" 

- 'Examining veteran transition issues and solutions'

Quotes from Devoted to a Soldier Attendees:

A safe space is an important thing. As much as I hate that term. We need this safe space. This is what you provide and we can tell. Your hearts are in this. 

- Veronica

Quotes from Devoted to a Soldier Attendees:

We see threw BS, we've all seen it. You being who you are and as open as you are and willing to listening and learn and let us express ourselves, some of it is not going to be nice, its just not. Some of it you will never hear and some of it should never be spoken but you coming and open your table to us, its huge and thats what you have done. - David